Moss Air Purifier

Picture this: An air purifier that's easy on the eyes, and even easier on the lungs. Miss the outdoors? Leave it to our Moss Air Purifier to bring the outdoorsy charm right to your desktop or nightstand. This marvel of mother nature doesn't just freshen the air, it mistifies it! No fancy dance or special chant required, this low-commitment, self-misting green machine will have the room smelling fresh - and looking pretty sharp too! Keep your air as easygoing as you are, without having to lift...


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Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 Speaker

Are you ready to blast off into a world of sound so crisp and clear you'll swear you're at a private concert with your favorite artist? The Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 speaker is your space shuttle. A little bit of awesome engineering mixed up with a whole lot of voodoo magic, this is no ordinary speaker. Every part of it has been lovingly handcrafted to deliver a sound that's as breath-taking as a sunrise over a a totally non-destructive way, of course! And did we mention it's a bi...


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Transformers Auto-Converting Robot

Ever dreamed of having your own life-sized Autobot, just chilling in your living room? Well, buddy, today is your lucky day! Make room for the Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot – the closest you'll come to a real Transformer without worrying about an alien invasion. Our cyber-boffins have stuffed this dandy dino with 34 handy dandy servos and a whopping 85 microchips. Yeah, you read that right. No effort; no manual labour; just pure transforming magic! Have it stomp around your house as a two-...


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Amethyst Crystal Lamps

Ready to transform your pad into a groovy cosmic paradise? Slide in one of these amethyst crystal lamps and watch the magic unfurl. Each lamp belts out technicolor vibes that are guaranteed to fill your room with the energy equivalent of a unicorn's winking at you. Perfect as a housewarming present if you're looking to win friends and influence people. And here's the kicker – each one of these bad boys is handmade. That's right, as unique as a snowflake, or that third cup of coffee on Monda...


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Star Wars Personalized Name Plaque

Looking to pimp up your desktop, Jedi style? Say hello to this Star Wars personalized name plaque. It's crammed with geeky awesomeness and, at a good-sized 10” x 12”, it's not going to be missed! Coming complete with your choice of name and color, this intergalactic name tag can be rocked on your desk or can hang like a Sith Lord outside your office. Own your space and beam up some serious cool points while you're at it!


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Son Bunyola Hotel Villas

Welcome to the plush playground of Mallorca, known as Son Bunyola Hotel & Villas. This isn't just any ordinary spot - it's the newest gem in the tiara that is the Virgin Limited Edition collection. Picture this - a whopping 1,300-acre estate primped and preened for your pleasure. Need a place to rest your head? Take your pick from 26 meticulously curated rooms. And we're not talking dull, drab lodgings - these rooms are nestled within the embrace of a genuine, no-kidding-around, 16th-century ...


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Sparkling Water Maker

Feeling parched? Wish you could summon a sparkling oasis right in the heart of your kitchen? Well, buckle up, buttercup, because this isn't just a simple hydration situation; it's a full-blown fizzy-water festival! Our snazzy little Sparkling Water Maker, powered by your friendly neighborhood molecule CO2, brings the bubble straight to you (and who doesn't love a good bubble?) With a push of a button - voila! You transform into the grandmaster wizard of water, capable of conjuring up to 60 l...


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Artemis Glamping Studio

Glamping: You're doing it all wrong if you aren't doing it in an Artemis Glamping Studio. Think of it as your personal bubble against the world - one that laughs in the face of bad weather. Available in a couple of snazzy models, these domes are like the Swiss army knives of glamping world. Need a place to pen the next great American novel? Check. How about a hip guest house that'll have your in-laws actually excited to visit? We've got it covered. Got an urge for a pottery studio? You betch...


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Life Size Animatronic Martian

So you want a zany buddy who's not from around here, eh? Well, say "hello" to our Life-Size Animatronic Martian! Standing at a whopping 6.5 feet tall, this little green buddy might just be taller than half your friends list. A creations inspired by "Mars Attacks!" this Martian is motion-activated —standing guard, ready to zap away the boredom (or those pesky trick-or-treaters who dare to come knocking). But wait, there's more! This Martian also doubles as a light show and a sound machine, ...


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