GMC x EarthCruiser Hummer EV Concept

Hey adventurous souls, fasten your seat belts! GMC and EarthCruiser went on a blind date and had a lovechild - the Hummer EV EarthCruiser. Born to take on the wild, this daring adventurer has roof-mounted solar panels (no kidding!) that love basking in sunlight just as much as you do. But the cherry on top? A roomy pop-up tent, with an almost 360-degree visibility like an eager meerkat on watch! Bottom line, if you love outdoors as much as mac loves cheese, this ride is your mighty savage cha...


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Sick Face Vomiting Egg Yolk Vent

For those tough customers at the dinner table, we've devised the perfect, hilariously gross solution - the Sick Face Vomiting Egg Yolk Vent. This little charmer has but one job: to slurp up the yolk of an egg and then, like the star at a frat party, let it all back out. Just a simple squeeze of your fingers and yolk shower! Enjoy a culinary relapse like no other. And the best part? He's a repeat offender. Let go of his head and he'll sucker that yolk right back up. This is the gross out kitch...


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Middle Finger Doodle Earrings

Looking to show the world your rich sense of humor and free spirit with a subtle, giggly hint of rebellion? We've got you covered! Our Middle Finger Doodle Earrings are perfect for those days when you just want to tell the world to take a hike - albeit with a wry smile and a twinkle in your eye. These little stainless steel jokers hanging off your ears can do that job like a boss! Crafted with all the care of a love letter, but with the tongue-in-cheek spirit of a practical joker, they're per...


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Humpback & Tandem Diver Night Light

You know how people say "sleep with the fishes"? Well, we prefer "sleep while lit up by the serene underwater beauty of a humpback whale and a tiny human trying to keep up"! With this Humpback & Tandem Diver Night Light, you can transform your bedroom into an underwater wonderland without getting your feet wet. Picture it - a gentle glow, a handcrafted piece starring either a scuba diver enjoying bottom time or a free diver holding their breath, marveling at the beauty of a majestic humpback ...


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Hand Forged Pizza Axe

Who said you have to be a lumberjack to wield an axe? With this Hand Forged Pizza Axe, you can hack your pie into perfect slices with untamed gusto that rivals Paul Bunyan himself! Go ahead and assert your position as the ultimate pizza conqueror - this axe is compact, easy to swing, and gets the job done like a pro (minus the flannel and the beard). And to add the cherry (or should we say pepperoni?) on top, you can customize your weapon of choice with either an ash or rose-wood handle. Two ...


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4 Player Pedestal Arcade Machine

Welcome to the time machine, my friends! On board? Now let's warp back to those vintage chunky arcade times. This snazzy 4-player pedestal arcade machine is your golden ticket, the DeLorean, the TARDIS, the whatever-you-may-call-it that will turn your ordinary TV into a groovy tunnel of nostalgia! Sitting snug in your man cave (or any cave, really), this marvel brings those heady days of quarters and pixels right to you. Forget nights out - gather around three of your best 'Player 2s' and sma...


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Cinderella Live Action Dress

Forget the fairy godmother and her magic wand shenanigans. Fancy yourself as the queen of the ball with the Cinderella Live Action Dress. Handmade? Check. Eye for detail that'd make Michelangelo blush? You bet! Tailored to your exact measurements for that perfect fit? Oh, darling, it's like we're reading your mind. Based on the live action movie, this whimsical ensemble promises to transform mere mortals into enchanting princesses. So pull on this Cinderella showstopper and get ready to leave...


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SportsMan Bigwater Fishing Kayak

Tired of expending all your energy paddling to that secret angling spot, only to find your arms too worn out to reel in a single fish? Don't worry, the SportsMan Bigwater Fishing Kayak's got your back - and your arms. Let your legs take over the hard work with its nifty pedal-powered drive system, leaving your hands free for more important things... like wrestling with that record-breaking bass! And boy does it have room for your fishing gear, snacks, and your childhood dreams of being a mari...


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Vecna Full Body Suit

Unlock the door to the Upside Down and freak out your little Demogorgon lovers with this spellbinding Vecna full body suit. As snug as a Demodog on a couch, this eerie ensemble could just be your next Halloween get-up or the showstopper in your ghoulish garden display. Order now and pond-dive into the creepy chaos. Prepare for legendary status, folks. No shadow monster can hold a candle to this!


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